About Us

Flex Vybe is an essential luxury brand founded in Puerto Rico by Jean Nieves a bodybuilding enthusiast and CrossFit lover in 2023. Our mission is to redefine healthy lifestyles across all sports disciplines, creating an extraordinary community of fitness enthusiasts who feel like a big fitness family.

Nieves started Flex Vybe with a vision to bring new and innovative essentials to everyday athletes and to build a brand around individuals who have overcome challenges, like himself. We aim to inspire these individuals to join The Tribe, a fitness community that empowers and recognizes achievements.

As our brand evolves, we continue to inspire others with consistent work and discipline. Join us in making your mark and being part of #FlexVybeTribe movement.



Team Flex Vybe at Sector Games 2023. Batista, Sammy, Jean Nieves (Founder & Owner), Mike