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FV Dual Magnetic Phone Holder - Rose Gold

FV Dual Magnetic Phone Holder - Rose Gold

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Welcome to the world of versatility and convenience with our FV Premium Dual Magnetic Phone Holder! This extraordinary device is engineered to elevate your daily life, whether you're at the gym, in your car, or anywhere you find metal surfaces.

STICK TO ANY METAL SURFACE: Our Dual Magnetic Phone Holder is your ultimate companion, effortlessly adhering to metal surfaces in a snap. Take it with you to the gym, kitchen, workshop, or wherever you need it. Its compact size ensures it easily slips into your pocket, making it the perfect on-the-go accessory.

HANDS-FREE SELFIE: Bid farewell to the days of asking others to capture your moments. This holder empowers you to shoot hands-free videos while working out, ensuring you never miss a beat. Follow on-screen prompts for a seamless workout routine, and rest assured that your form is on point with every repetition.

360 PHONE ROTATION: Flexibility is key, and our Dual Magnetic Phone Holder delivers. Its dual ball hinge mechanism allows for easy and precise adjustments to any angle you desire, ensuring that your phone is perfectly positioned for your needs.

STRONG MAGNETS & JOINTS: We've equipped this holder with 2 powerful N50 neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip on your phone. Reinforced joints further guarantee that your phone won't tilt down during use, providing stability and reliability when you need it most.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Crafted with an all-metal body and two swiveling joints, this holder is built to last. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the demands of your active lifestyle while maintaining a sleek and compact design.

TWO METAL PLATES INCLUDED: To accommodate all phone types, including MagSafe iPhones (12, 13, 14) and MagSafe cases, we provide you with two adhesive metal plates.  Attach the metal plate either directly to the back of your phone (for thin cases) or to the back of your phone case (for thicker cases) to ensure the strongest magnetic connection.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of our FV Premium Dual Magnetic Phone Holder. Whether you're following a workout routine, navigating in your car, or capturing unforgettable moments, this versatile accessory is here to simplify your life. Don't miss out – get yours today and discover a new level of convenience!

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